AmoCredit, as a financial company aims at mutually beneficial and reliable partnership with our partners and suppliers!

As the leader of innovative projects, we are working on development of convenient and user-friendly software with a SAAS solution. The solution will make it possible to respect the principles of transparency and trust in cooperation with our partners and suppliers.

 AmoCredit guarantees its partners and suppliers:

  • Uniform and transparent rules for participation in tenders;
  • No discriminations and limitations on competition;
  • Following the business ethics and anti-corruption policy;
  • Consultant manager for the time of tender participation;
  • Detailed answers to suppliers during and after tenders;
  • The possibility for suppliers to appeal tenders;
  • The ability to keep the commercial offers and reviews.

 AmoCredit invites all the potential partners and suppliers to participate in its tenders. It also hopes for long-term, mutually beneficial and effective cooperation!

Tender is a kind of a competition between multiple parties in a peculiar industry. The aim of each party is to get the right to conclude the contract and supply the customer with essential goods, works and services. After tender announcement, the organizers can receive many applications, so they risk dealing with the inexperienced company. But, in fact, experience is the thing that sometimes prevents people from the work done creatively and even qualitatively.  That is why, the main thing is to check the package of documents, which can prove the validity of the participant.

AmoCredit company carries out tenders in the most different directions. Below you can learn about current tenders and take part in them. Please, contact our consultant in case you have any questions considering to tenders.

Igor Voitin
Head of tender comission
044-333-87-23 (add 3)

To become a tender participant, you need expand_more

First, you need to send a request to the responsible manager consultant of AmoCredit company, in order to provide the tender documentation for the corresponding purchase/sale. Then, within a specified term, you need to provide the tender offer (in accordance with the requirements of tender documentation) and the list of documents that the tender participants submit to confirm the correspondence to general qualification requirements.

What documents do you need to participate in the tender? expand_more

To take part in a tender, you need to provide the following documents:
  • Copies of policy papers, legal and actual address, bank details, first and last names of the leading employees;
  • Copy of the certificate of the regional department of statistics about the enterprise inclusion into the unified state register;
  • Copy of the certificate about state registration and VAT payer;
  • Letter of attorney for the right to represent the interests of the organization on the tender with the signing authority;
  • Commercial offers for participation in procurement service tenders should be provided not later than 60 days before the date of the tender. Send the offer to the e-mail of the responsible manager.

Who views the offers of partners and suppliers? expand_more

All the offers of participants are considered in accordance to the tender area. There is the committee, gathering to view each tender, which includes the department that released the tender and the top manager of the company. In the case of controversial or ambiguous decision, the general meeting of shareholders is gathered to approve or contradict the decisions of the committee

Tender platform expand_more

Exclusive software is being developed in order to simplify and automate the maintenance of tender direction by AmoCredit. All the tender projects will be held with its help in the near future. Currently, the company is working in the traditional way. If you have other questions, please contact the managers.

Did you receive the lower sum that specified?

Were more money drawn from your account after payment?

In order to secure your personal data, the representatives of the company can sometimes ask the client to provide the photo, holding passport, as well as the code phrase, which will be previously given by the customer support specialist. Such security measure was implemented in order to warn frauds with your documents by third parties.

Request name Terms of the tender Cost of participation Download conditions and detailed request
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