Vision. Mission. Values

AmoCredit company offers its clients the most beneficial crediting conditions.  No hidden fees in the credit rates. Everything is ultimately transparent and simple. Our own software makes it possible for the new customer to get the loan within 4 minutes. Our work is automated and the service is 24/7. Improving the professional skills and personal relationships serves the basis, the company was built on.

Today, AmoCredit is fast and safe loans without questions. A reliable partner for each Ukrainian, who is looking for the financial solution.

Company Vision

We show respect to each and every

 We believe that everyone can and wants to make the maximal contribution possible. We value individuality. We inspire people to implement their ambitious expectations, strategies and challenges. We are honest with people when assessing their results.

The interests of the company and the employee are inseparable

We believe that actions in the spirit of integrity enable not only the company development, but also the mutual success of the whole company and each of its employees. Our commitment to mutual success unites us.

Our strategic efforts are focused on our work

Our work is guided by distinct and mutually agreed objectives and strategies. All the work that we do and ask others to, necessarily helps to get extra value to our business. We simplify, standardize and regulate our current work to the possible extent.

Innovation is the key to our success

We pay a great attention to the introduction of the large-scale scoring and computer innovations. We challenge conventions and open new ways of doing business, which will allow us to conquer the market more effectively, developing and improving our own software.

We always strive for the maximum

We always try to achieve the highest results in the strategically important directions for the company. We compare our results with the internal and external benchmarks in the most critical manner. We learn from both successes and failures.

Interdependence as a lifestyle

Regardless of the positions and responsibilities, belonging to one or another department, we work as a united team, guided by the confidence and trust. We feel proud, when someone’s idea brings positive results. We have built excellent relationship with those, who contributes to the fulfillment of our Mission, including investors and partners, financial regulators and state authorities.

Company Values

Our clients is our main value

Therefore, we are always open to dialogue! AmoCredit uses all its potential to build strong and long-lasting relationships based on honesty, reliability and convenience of our users. You have needs and AmoCredit has a fast solution!


We always try to do the right things. We treat each other with honesty and sincerity. We follow the letter and the spirit of the law. Justifying the offers (including the risk identification), we rely on objective data and show the intellectual honesty.


Each one of us shows leadership qualities within his/her sphere of responsibility, always  striving to demonstrate maximal results. We have a distinct vision of the objectives. We focus our resources on fulfillment of the tasks and strategies aimed at conquering the leading positions. We develop the potential capacity to implement planned strategies and eliminate organizational barriers.

Manifesting Responsibility

We take personal responsibility for meeting the needs of our customers, improving the system and providing the assistance to others in order to advance the efficiency. We are all responsible for the success of the company. We consider the property of the company as our own and always care for its long-term success by planning our actions and deeds.

Commitment to Win

We intend to demonstrate the maximally possible results in the most important parameters. We are characterized by the normal dissatisfaction with the current state of things. We want to conquer the market and improve its status.


We respect our colleagues, investors, partners and customers and treat them as we would want others to treat us. We are confident in the capabilities and intentions of each other. We believe that people work better if their relationship is based on trust.

Company Mission

Our mission is to be useful at the right moment, here and now

Sometimes, there are situations, when the financial solution should be taken very quickly. AmoCredit company will easily help you. We have simplified the questionnaire to provide the clients with fast access to finance. We are actively working on simplifying the relationship between us and our clients. Simplification of the company services use is available for you today!