Company Management

Oleg Mishchuk, AmoCredit founder

Over 20 years of experience in the international business. Experience in the sphere of IP telephony on the basis of Israeli companies. Long-term cooperation with production and export companies in China. The current owner of retail chain in Israel. Since 2015 has been a licensed owner of the monetary transaction company (with over 11 activity categories).
From February 2017 works preferably on AmoCredit project. 

Yuriy Kantor Drabkin, AmoCredit founder

An entrepreneur holding leading positions in technology and production companies. In 2008 became the co-owner of the MLM perfume trade network with over 300 sales managers. Rendered the advisory opinion to a range of consulting projects on the issues of the business scaling and selling companies to the overseas markets. The founder of international IT-association and the co-founder of the Israeli productions company G-ECO ORGANIC COSMETICS.
Currently is working solely on AmoCredit.

Aleksey Selin, Chief Director

Since 2001 has been working in the banking sector. Since 2007 has been holding senior positions in banking and financial organizations. Held a position of deputy in one of the major banks. Experience establishing companies from scratch and launching them on the international markets. Leading specialist of brokerage platforms. Brought a financial company to IPO in Poland. 

Vladislav Tkachenko, Senior Accountant

Over 17 years of experience in bookkeeping and accounting, with 11 years as a senior accountant. Got the second degree in international jurisprudence. Was a tax advisor in one of the top production companies. Published two articles about the formation of the Tax Code of Ukraine. An experienced auditor.

Vadim Zeldis, financial director

Candidate of economic science, associate professor, author of more than 30 scientific papers in the field of financial investments and risks. Has experience of scientific and practical work in the fields of economy, finance, risk management, economic-mathematical modeling – more than 20 years working with SRI (Scientific Research Institute). 


Marisabel Gulko, marketing director

Has been working in the marketing sphere for over 14 years, 8 years being the marketing director in one of the largest banks in Ukraine. Has experience working with international financial, brokerage and credit projects.