About Us (Corporate)

What we do

AmoCredit is the new lending service in Ukraine. The great advantage of our online service is the instant help at any time, 24/7. It became considerably easier to get loans, since the website is available not only on the computer, but also on the mobile device.

The name of the company has a deep sense of caring, as Am (heb) means people, Amo – love. The mission of the company is top love people and what we are doing for them. Our strategy is to be useful here and now.

AmoCredit is the instant credit!

Our clients receive money when it is the most needed. Our company does it best to make the borrowing easy for every customer. Still, we keep a track of our main principle – the help should be instant, and appear the moment you need it. We follow the motto “Instant crediting without extra questions!” To sign the contract you do not need to drive to our office or main it. The one-time electronic identifier serves the confirmation with the terms and conditions of the loan agreement. With its help the clients can confirm the acceptance of all the contract clauses. 

The process of the loan issuing by AmoCredit

  1. The term, amount and the discount promo codes are selected by a smart calculator.
  2.  The client should undergo a simple 3-step registration, where, due to the ⃰third-party companies and financial institutions, we conduct primary verification and assessment of the borrower (client).
  3. Next comes the verification of the payment (debit) card. The map verification is available only the clients, who have a direct access to the bank account and in fact, are the card holders.
  4. Automated analytics take place in accordance with our scoring models that classify the clients into a number of factions. The main advantage of our system is that we can calculate the likehood of the lending consequences. The decision considering the client’s request will be taken within 2 minutes.
  5. The client receives an endorsement and he/she is offered to sign the electronic contract by entering the one-time electronic identifier.
  6. If the contract is signed, the money will be credited to the borrower within the other 2 minutes. It will appear on his credit card, regardless of the bank!

Who can become AmoCredit client?

  • Ukrainian citizen over 18 years old;
  • People, who own a mobile phone;
  • People, who have a passport of the citizen of Ukraine and identification number (tax identification number);
  • People, who own a credit card.


How do clients repay AmoCredit loans?

The client can use one of the most convenient ways to repay the loan without any charge:

  • Through the mobile applications of partnering banks;
  • Through self-service terminals (over 2500 terminals around Ukraine);
  • In the personal account on the AmoCredit website, suing any credit card;
  • Paying in cash at any Ukrainian bank using the banking details.

The client can view the loan repayment schedule in his/her private account. If you fail to pay the loan back on a due date, the client can change the repayment date for the term from several days up to a month, just paying the commission on prolongation. The client can prolong the loan at any time.

We try to make lending maximally transparent and convenient. Our specialists follow the development of the market of Internet users and strive to make the website maximally convenient for its users on both computers and mobile devices.

AmoCredit is the instant reaction and fast crediting.