AmoCredit Strategy

AmoCredit is the company that is being formed and developed due to the well-defined strategy and goals. Currently, it offers top-notch services in the field of automated lending. What is the strategy of AmoCredit development? To be useful here and now!

1. To develop the market of credit services.

Everything is very simple. Having the qualified specialists in the sphere of financing, our team strived to provide the market with high quality, transparent and safe credits. Our mission is to be useful at the right moment. In fact, when the person needs financing here and now, he has to spend much time to receive it. Instead, we maximally simplified the process of the loan receiving, so that the necessary amount of money can appear on the borrower’s account almost instantly.

2. To increase the customer confidence.

Now you can avoid dozens of hidden fees and penalties, written in the small print in the loan agreement. Exclusive transparency and frankness between the lender and borrower will not only increase the customer trust and loyalty, but will also show that using the Instant loan services can be convenient and beneficial. AmoCredit does not ask extra questions while pro transaction. It definitely contributes to the credit simplicity, as we do not make our clients feel uncomfortable justifying or reporting what they used credit for.

3. Microcredit availability.

AmoCredit is actively attracting foreign loans and investments through the securities sales. The company wants to make micro crediting available to every interested person. Have you run out of money earlier than getting salary? Or you have suddenly faced an unexpected situation that requires considerable investments or certain expenses? You do not have to think where to take money. You do not need to explain your relatives and friends why you need money and where you give it back. Now, you can relax, since the convenient and safe credit with AmoCredit is always at hand. And it is available to everyone.

4. AMO FinTech school of future enterprise

In our opinion, the development of educational projects is one of the most important tasks that will contribute to the development of new enterprises of the up-to-date generation in future. We consider that “it is important to develop technologies now”. Our specialists are working on training and formation of the school. Opening is planned for April, 2018. Besides, we are considering the employment of specialists for our school, because to teach you also need to get enough practice and opportunity to create something new. We sincerely believe that our school will bring tremendous results and will make a significant contribution to the development of the international FinTech.

5. AMO Direct Applications.

(Under development. NDA agreement was signed.)