The first AmoCredit loan

    After a long preparation period, lasting 10 months, AmoCredit became closer to its goal: on November 6, 2017, the first loan was issued.

    This day will be remembered for a long time by everyone, whose hands the company was built. Because, it has been put a lot of effort, a lot of time and resources have been spent to achieve this goal.

    Now, having successfully crossed the stage of the beginning, our team has other tasks - more complex, more ambitious, but at the same time, fascinating and motivating, from the perspective of future prospects.

    Inspired by the success of the start of loan issues, namely: the availability of demand, the correct work of the technological base, and overall, the positive result of the system's work at the start of its using - AmoCredit become more confident to go ahead.

    The company is actively working with new partners, is negotiating for cooperation, because, in the near future, we are aimed at: scaling and capitalization.

    All participants, observing the current progress, are more fruitful and with greater interest work on the development, improvement and introduction of innovations.

    Also, we are very grateful to everyone, who took a part of our work process, and is a participant of our company project. We are talking about common efforts, zeal, desires and initiatives, which gave their immediate fruits in the form of the desired result and strong motivation to conquer more tops!

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