AmoCredit has organized a lecture for students of financial specialties

    In order to increase the social activity of the company and for the development of the younger generation of specialists in the field of finance and management of Boris Grinchenko  Kyiv University, - the company AmoCredit organized the event in the format of a lecture with the topic:

 "Fin-tech is ahead of time - the financial technologies of tomorrow"

    Co-founder of the company, - Yuri Kantor Drabkin presented a unique informative case on behalf of the whole team, which will help the future managers and financiers in the future, and also, he gave them the opportunity to learn practical experience from an expert.

    The main accents and questions raised during the training are:

  • Why Fin-tech is one of the most profitable and successful business niches today
  •  What are the prospects for the development of this segment
  •  Differences between online and offline formats in financial institutions


    Also, while continuing to talk about financial technologies, the speaker talked about the basics of organizing business in this area. This part of the lecture was actively discussed:

  • Organization and systematization of business processes from the first stages of the existence of financial companies
  • Practical nuances that arise when building an enterprise in this field
  • Features peculiar to this type of business
  • Proper organization of team work

    A feature of this lecture was the presentation and accessibility of the material. The event was organized on the principle of informative-interactive communication. In the course of two hours, any of the students could ask any questions  that he interested in with the format of live communication.

    Due to the active feedback of the audience, the lecture carried out a circulation of information exchange. In turn, this allowed us to achieve the necessary goal, namely: share insider knowledge and experience with the future experts, which are the most valuable.

    At the end of the event, the greatest activity and interest of participants was encouraged by gifts in the form of modern literature on relevant topics of innovative financial technologies and management.

    The plans of our team are visiting  more institutions of higher education, and contribute to increasing financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills for people whose hands will build the future of the Ukrainian fin-tech market.




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