AmoCredit guarantees a high level of privacy and security

    Working with a large amount of confidential information, our company focuses on security. AmoCredit realizes the main part of its activity - online, which has a number of advantages: remote and fast receiving, processing and transfer of data.

    But at the same time, the area of activity like that, of gives a certain risk of fraud. Therefore, AmoCredit brought its security system to a very worthy level, focusing on internal and external aspects of security.

    Creation of a unique CRM system, the availability of its own scoring and its regular improvement, the functioning of the personal department of the collective, the receiving of the SSL EV Multi-Domain certificate, the availability of its ACP in each of the departments are all components of the company's reliable internal protection.

    CRM system allows you to: keep data about the borrower, rationally organize the classification of their information - which helps to work with such a huge array - quickly and easily.

    The scoring system of the company has three directions, namely: anti-fraud, application and behavioral. With the help of such synthesis, the automated system for estimating the potential clients and minimizes all the attendant safety risks.

    Each of the company's departments: marketing, operational, administrative and collection - use a personal administrative panel. This allows to generate the work of the whole department in one harmonious mechanism, with a well-established system of work. In turn, this allows us to provide high-quality lending services, including reliable storage of information.

    The SSL certificate plays a big role in the internal protection process. It encrypts all incoming and outgoing information from sites, which blocks access to it by third person.

    Our own department is also a big advantage for client security, because the specialists themselves work with untimely repaid loans. This makes it unnecessary to transfer information for working with overdue loans to other organizations.

    As for external security, the company is equipped with everything necessary. In its arsenal of protection, AmoCredit uses:

  • developed and multichannel video surveillance system;
  • a modern security alarm system that works in tandem with motion and sound sensors;
  • security services. Under the strict control of representatives, the office is under supervision 24 hours a day. The opening and closing of the premises takes place in the presence of a company employee who controls the order and proper protection;
  • armored glass and security buttons that complete the company's premises - which minimizes all external threats;
  • individual access system tools: magnetic cards, corporate data carriers and chip cards, through which, every employee of the office can open his way to electronic company information.

Summing up all the above, - the company AmoCredit can be quite reasonably assigned the status of a reliable guarantor of confidential data.


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