A new level of reliability: obtaining a SSL-certification Comodo

    AmoCredit is a young and very perspective financial company. Now, it is in the process of dynamic development, and thanks for that, it step by step conquering the new tops. The question of Internet security was also not neglected, so the company successfully passed the process of formalization , and received another argument for its reliability - SSL certification Comodo.

    SSL certificate is a very necessary and useful indicator of trust in digital space, especially in today's realities. Such certificates have great demand among companies that work online, or have some actvities on the Internet: sites, landings, online applications and so on.

    This security technology has a number of advantages for its owners, not only an argument of being guarantor of reliability. For example, sites, that have such  certificate, are perceived by most browsers and search engines: they read it as reliable, and give full access to visitors. Also, the sites, that protected in this way, are insured from hacking. This function is present thanks to the work principle of this system: the encryption of the extended protocol data - HTTPS. Thanks for that, all incoming and outgoing information from sites, that have a SSL certificate, is qualitatively protected from unauthorized access.

    The company AmoCredit has been certified EV Multi-Domain SSL certificate. It has some advantages among other varieties, for example: the sensibility of 99.9% of browsers. It means, that site, and its short versions can be visited from any source.

   Another feature of this type of certificate is: a green indicator, that located opposite the domain. This is like a "seal of trust" - the highest degree of reliability of the site. This indicator is very susceptible to the consumer, because, from the first second of the visit, the trust is create.

    Also, EV Multi-Domain have an ability to reusable: it can be applied to several domains of one organization. Thanks to this, AmoCredit strengthened the protection of all its sites: corporate and client.

    Comodo is an authoritative certification center, in which AmoCredit has obtained the rights to use the aforementioned type of protection. This cooperation began with using of a temporary certificate, while the registration was in process. The procedure was in several stages: from the filing of an application and documents, their verification, to the immediate issuance of a certificate. This multistage was necessary for the center to giving the legality and reliability of the financial company. In addition, AmoCredit took care of privacy all the time, and controlled the proper storage of its data, backgrounds and information.


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