For banks and financial companies

AmoCredit is the resource that provides microloans, presupposing ample opportunities for the business development of the financial organizations. AmoCredit is the leading service of the new generation in Ukraine, which owns a great variety of different software developments in the fintech sphere, allowing to evaluate (scoring system) customers, categorize them and provide the offline loan completion through brokers. The company also features the Internet and mobile lending (under development).

AmoCredit is the new service in Ukraine. We aim to offer more opportunities for users without losing the speed of the credit extension and transparency of its conditions.


Presentation of Our Services

  1. General presentation of b2b products;
  2. Loan repayment;
  3. AMO scoring;
  4. AMO Fintech school of future (under development);
  5. Information/customers interchange (under development);
  6. AmoCredit offline – franchise/white label (under development);
  7. Amo Direct Application (under development);
  8. Amo Financial Factoring (under development).


Advantages of Cooperation with AMO


  • Increasing a number of  provided loans;
  • Expansion of the product range for existing customers;
  • Attracting new clients.



  • Provision of accurate statistical data for reporting;
  • Daily rosters on payments.


Individual Approach and Quality Modern Service

  • Personal manager;
  • Qualified round-the-clock customer and technical support;
  • A flexible system of pay rated for banks;
  • Connecting to the system in 2 steps (additional agreement and protocol configuration);
  • Beneficial financial conditions.



Please, contact our managers to get more detailed information and clarify the commercial and organizational questions.


Technical support (24 hours).