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AmoCredit is the ultimate opportunity for all the Ukrainian citizens over 18 years old to get the loan fast and safely. AmoCredit makes everything possible to make the crediting maximally convenient for the customers. Therefore, we created the website interface the way users have no difficulties estimating and get the desired credit.

Our company and the marketing department work with different contractors, partners and consultants, but we are growing and developing our brand, attract an increasing number of clients and our human resources are limited.

To get the most effective results, we consider the offers from all the companies, advertising companies and freelancers.

We are ready to consider variants related to the following areas and directions:

  • Development of promotional strategies;
  • TV commercials;
  • Companies on 360;
  • Digital, Promo;
  • PR, DM;
  • Event-marketing;
  •  Ambient;
  • Guerrilla marketing;
  • Media support;
  • Outdoor advertising;
  • POSM;
  • Graphic design and others.

We are looking for partners, who will help us organize the successful integrated marketing campaign.

Perhaps, these are you, who will become our partners.

Want to provide or promote the services to our clients?

This is a great opportunity to be promoted for our potential and current clients. The effective channel of your business or product promotion among the AmoCredit users.

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